You've found it!
The unique gift, that one of a kind piece of jewelry. The kind everyone will scream “where did you find that”?
All of my creations are one of a kind, never duplicted to look the same. They are reinvented, recycled and reclaimed vintage merchandise turned into works of art. I call it Lazarus Art.
It's lovingly resurrected to live another day.
My inspiration and designs come from steampunk, pin up art, day of the dead, retro classic and anything I feel that is unique.
Enjoy my eclectic web page, your Lazarus art piece is just a click away at A Little Designs!

These pages represent sampling of items you may find when you visit me at local art fairs, festivals and markets.
If you are looking for something special or want a custom design please contact me!
day of the dead upcycled jewelrysteam punk upcycled jewelrysteam punk upcycled jewelrysteam punk upcycled jewelry watch
Steampunk Upcycled Jewelry using watch faces and other vintage finds

fairy dress childrensjean skirtbeeswax and cotton refrigerator bags
Children's Fairy Dress - Upcycled Jean Skirt - Beeswax and Cotton Storage Bags